The next stage in the

evolution of American Muscle

At SpeedKore, we believe in tailoring the ultimate in automotive self-expression through cutting-edge technology and unrivaled craftsmanship. Our team is focused on the intersection of iconic muscle and aerospace-grade components for an unmatched experience. This is performance redefined.

Recent Custom Builds

Kevin Hart's


Built for actor and comedian Kevin Hart, “Hellraiser” is a fully bespoke project powered by a 1,000-horsepower supercharged Hellephant 426 HEMI. The bodywork is rendered entirely in aerospace-grade pre-impregnated carbon fiber and beautifully complements the Charger’s time-honored contours. The interior houses SpeedKore-branded gauges and billet switchgear to add an exotic touch.

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“Evolution” earned the name by becoming the world's most advanced 1970 Dodge Charger thanks to a full carbon fiber body. The goal was to expand on its predecessors by creating a timeless, lightweight and exceptionally fast Charger that integrated SpeedKore’s advanced composite works.  “Evolution” established itself as a new paradigm in the history of American muscle. It won the prestigious Goodguys Gold Award at the 2019 SEMA Show.

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1968 Dodge Charger


“Hellucination” was engineered as a game-changer: an icon of classic Americana, created  in carbon fiber and reimagined through the eyes of Ralph Gilles, a leader in global automotive design. It features a full carbon-fiber body and is powered by serial number 001 of Mopar’s 1,000-horsepower Hellephant crate engines. Riding on a custom SpeedKore frame for a wider track, a decidedly menacing stance and dramatically improved handling capabilities. 

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CARBON FIBER components

SpeedKore carbon fiber parts are made in America, 100% prepreg autoclaved, and engineered for style and performance.